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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Round Up: November 1st

Welcome the cooler weather with these 3 beauty essentials

Happy November 1st! Just like clock work I woke up this morning to a dark and gloomy sky. Its getting chilly and very dry out there. In case your mama never taught you to take care of your skin here's my biggest piece of winter advice for you; start moisturizing, like NOW!! 

Today's round up is just a few things I think will help you get in that joyous winter spirit, oh and the holiday spirit of course. The holiday's are creeping up and I have a few shopping posts that I am prepping for ya'll, but for now just a small sneak peak. 

As always my Friday picks are super random, but super cute, duh! So enjoy and have a good weekend.

P.S. to get you in the mood for layers, cozy coats and all things winter today Luck Magazine is sharing 30 Perfect November Outfits check it out. 

P.P.S all products available via Sephora.com

1. A "good" moisturizer: I don't get cheap when it comes to moisturizer, and you shouldn't either. Protecting my face has always been a big thing for me, with SPF in the summer and a nice thick facial cream in the winter to keep dryness at bay. Last week someone asked me if i was 23, 23!! I'm 30, so ya, I was pretty happy. Looks like all those years of using quality moisturizer's every single day have paid off. Two of my favorites which I have been using for years and years are shared below. 

hope in a jar


2. Stocking Stuffers: This is that holiday spirit I mentioned earlier. Why not get the small gifts out of the way early? It will leave you more cash and time in December for ummmm, lets just say, a gift for yourself? I love how Ciate and Sephora both decided that hanging nail polish from your Christmas tree would be a good idea. That's my kind of decorating! 

glitter nail polish


ciate nail polish

3. Plum lips: I told you this was random. But listen, I have a new obsession, dark, plum lips. Heck even a dark shade or violet or deep purple will do. I have been on the hunt for my new lipstick of the month and these are my top two contenders. Do you have a good one that you can recommend? 
plum lipstick


plum lipstick


  1. A good moisturizer is a must! My favorite is Clinique's Moisture Surge moisturizer--I have super dry skin in the winter and for me, it's better than the Dramatically Different.

    Aloha from Hawaii,
    <3 Jenn from Cao Bella

    1. ohhhh yes, Moisture Surge, I have heard that this is an amazing product. Thank you for the recommendation.