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Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Fashion Time Capsul

2013 trends 2013 is about to bite the dust. Join Nothing 2 Wear as we round up the past year's hottest trends and fashion obsessions.  
We're two days away from the ball dropping on 2014 and while I WONT be doing a NYE outfit post (I prefer pj's and Netflix over party's and cocktails) my way of acknowledging the end of the year comes care of a list of 2013's greatest fashion hits.

beanie hat

2013 was the year of street style. Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram if you wanted fashion inspiration all you had to do was turn on your phone or tablet on and check out the millions of trendsetters who were snapped all over the world in this years hottest fashion items. What was 2013's most coveted fashion trend? My guess would be a tie between the beanie hat and cropped tops. 

croppe top
I decided to skip out on both these trends. Why? Well, I enjoy All Dressed chips way too much and as a result and my midriff is best left hidden and beanies just annoy me. Since my brain power is divided as such: 80% shoes 20% food I spent the majority of 2013 drooling over some pretty sweet kicks. Blue suede shoes were popular during the winter and spring, and white leather pumps made a come back for summer time.
blue suede shoes
While in Italy this past spring I noticed that despite my protests (did you sign my petition?) the wedged sneaker trend was still going strong. Sneakers of the grotesque, wedged variety have been kickin around for a few years now but the trend really took off this past year finding its way into  every fashion market, you could spot those things on every walk of life and at every price point. This is one trend I hope doesn't sneak its way into 2014.  Since I'm speaking of sneakers I may as well mention that high top sneakers also had their hay day in 2013. Yours truly even wanted a pair, and still does.

high top sneakers
If you own a ton of denim or your name is Jennifer Novello then 2013 was your year! As a proud Canuck I rocked the Canadian Tuxedo all year long with confidence. When I wasn't wearing at least 3 pieces of denim because the summer temps sore I relied on my trusty chambray button down shirt which became a staple in my wardrobe the only shirt I wore from May-September. I paired it with patterned shorts, pencil skirts, silk pants, colored denim, you name it. While on the topic of denim another trend I adopted along with millions of others was overly ripped jeans, oh and DIY frayed cropped jeans.
croppe jeans
Did you get yourself an animal graphic sweater this year? No? Did I not harp on you enough? I must have posted 16925 times about the animal graphic sweater trend. I even demonstrated for you how to wear it with high heels on dirt roads while walking two dogs. Geez guys, get your shit together. 

animal graphic sweater
Oh that picture just reminded me, SPOTS and polka dots were HUGE in 2013. Leave it to my dogs to be the trend setters, they've been sporting spots since 2011 and 2012, they must be European or something.
polka dot fashion
OK so now its that time,where I ask for some participation from all of you. I want to know what you thought were the top trends of 2013. What did you add to you wardrobe and what fashionable item did you covet? 


  1. Great post! 2013 was the year of street style, indeed. I think that also the grunge nouveau--tying your sweater around your waist, etc. was major!

    I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store!

    Happy New Year!


    1. ohh so true, tying a sweater or a plaid shirt around your waist was so IN! it also is the best way to break up a Canadian Tuxedo..just saying...