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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hey Girl, Happy Canada Day

canada day

You Might Be Canadian IF... + Ryan Gosling in a Canadian Tuxedo!

You might be Canadian if....

- you've ever gotten black out drunk in our nations capital on July 1st. 

- when you wear two, or three layers of denim at the same time its simply called "AWESOME", not a Canadian Tuxedo.
- you own red and white clothing but its your life's mission to avoid wearing the two colors together unless its July 1st.

- you think Holt Renfew is just as good as Saks
- there are at least 4 photos of Ryan Gosling saved to your desktop (see three from my extensive collection here in this post)
- you thought Degrassi High was cooler than 90210
- you've spotted the many Tim Horton's cups used as props in the television series Homeland and keep a running tally of the number of times they show up. (Season two has so-many!)
- you've worn open toe sandals in February just because the sun was out.

If you agreed to two or more of those scenarios than you are most likely CANADIAN!

canadian tuxedo
P.S, in case you're wondering, YES this post will be strewn with random pictures of Ryan Gosling. 

If you're a proud Canadian girl like me than besides having lived through all of the above mentioned you may have also spent most of your life searching for a way to get your hands on designer duds without having to drive across the boarder or order from an American/UK owned site. Since its our national holiday and all I figure I would share with you my solution to this "Canadian girl problem". 

Meet The September!! >>http://www.theseptember.com/
The September is a Canadian designer shoe web shop, operating out of Toronto, with all prices in the Canadian Dollar, + free shipping. Further to that they literally gift wrap your purchases with gorgeous blue wrapping paper, a ribbon and a little note tucked away in an envelop that thanks you for your purchase. I was floored the first time I received an order from them. They carry so many great designer shoe lines such as Valentino, Aquazzura, Brian Atwood,  Marc by Marc Jacobs,  Tabitha Simmons, and recently added Kate Spade to their ever growing list. Oh and look, SALE!  

This is cause for celebration..

So whether you're cottaging, hanging out in your backyard enjoying BBQ, or stuck working (like ME, cause you had yesterday off instead) have a great Canada Day! And feel free to let me know via the comment section if you agree Ryan should become part of my regular posts ;)


  1. Holts is better than Saks and Degrassi has always been better than 90210. Great post. Happy Canada Day!!! :)


    1. Agreed!!!! Hope the two of you had a wonderful Canada Day!