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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fashion + Math = WTF

Keep your brain from turning to mush during the summer months with our fashionable math lesson

Have you ever done a cost analysis on your favorite designer items? Do you consider some purchases a solid investment, while others are not worth the paper the price tag was printed on? 

Designer shoes aside (cause lets face it, they are ALWAYS worth it!) I have a very hard time dropping cash on every day essentials, super trendy items I know I will get sick of soon, and what I gracefully call "crap I don't need".

Earlier this week while on one of my favorite sites I came across the following pre-fall accessory.

So whats the big deal? Its just a beanie after all. But I have news for you, this seemingly innocent winter accessory can only be yours if you fork over $335. WHY is this beanie $335 and not $35?  And why are these wretched beanies still popular?!?! (perhaps a question for another day).

So instead of wasting a days pay on a small piece of wool, I wondered, what else could I get for $335? 

Turns out you can get all of THIS for $335...

1 fedora $55.00 + 1 crochet hat $95.00 + 1 sun hat $97.00 + 1 multicolor floppy hat $25.00 +1 beanie (eww) $20.00 + 1 straw hat $9.00 + an embroidered fedora $17.99 + another sun hat $ 8.00 + a leather headband (just in case you're sick of hats by now) $ 6.00 and a Starbucks Frappuccino $5.00 = 337.99

Thats 8 hats, one hair accessory and a yummy summer beverage for the same cost of the one sad beanie. So,  would you like to know what else people are wasting their money on these days? Lets do the math.

For only $590 you can wear cherries on your head. I kid you not.

But hey, guess what, its cherry season, you can get also 118 lbs of cherries @ $4.99/1lb and you would actually be saving a dollar. 
OR you could spend that $590 on all of the following....

A flight for two people from Toronto to New York $500.00 OR 5 pairs of pants and 3 blouses from Zara OR a $500 gift certificate to Amazon and pick up about 22 new books (i dunno, I just figure that anyone who would wear this on their head should probably read a book or something).

To put this further into perspective, with a more realistic item, just ask yourself, would you rather buy 110 medium grade quality, white t-shirts OR 1 white designer t-shirt? If that seems like a completely idiotic question then consider this.

This cotton t-shirt from Valentino costs $660. I'll let that sink in.

That's just insulting. And speaking of insulting, the item description mentioned that this 100% cotton t-shirt is "Dry Clean Only". So you will be continuously investing more in dry cleaning bills. 

By the way, here are 30 other cotton t-shirts under $20.

What are  your thoughts on these over priced fashionable items? Have you ever done the math yourself before making a purchase? Lets discuss. In the mean time I leave you with this....

This is a$260 key lanyard. Yes I said $260 for a KEY LANYARD!! There are no words. Except maybe that this lanyard better come with that key, and that damn key better unlock something REALLY GOOD!

P.S for $39 a month you can sponsor a child for 6 months totaling $260 Just sayin...


  1. Hahah totally confusing but maybe because I don't like math! I like the concept though :) AND your humor!!!

  2. Hahah this is pretty funny! That cherry hat is HIDEOUSSS! $260 for a lanyard is absolutely ridiculous- is it made of solid gold?!

    Rachel xx

  3. Lol! THANK YOU for writing this! I just finished scrolling through a lot of other fashion blogs and OOTDs where the author looked amazing, but there wasn't a thing that they were wearing I could afford!
    Amy (from www.13RandomLooks.com )