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Monday, July 21, 2014

Nailed It: Summer Nail Trends

A quick note on nail art.

{Featuring Mr Flamingo}

I’m here today to declare that my love for nail art has not yet wavered. Two summers ago I decided to try out the then NEW trend, and to this day its still one of my craziest beauty obsessions.

This past spring my obsession drifted over to long nails. I wanted them talon-like. And several times I was successful in growing them to an epic length, but that meant I was pretty much useless as a human being. As a Crow, or an Eagle I would have thrived, but as a human, not so much.

For the summer time I have decided to keep my nails at a reasonable length and have made a pact with myself to have fun and summery nail art all summer long. I have reservations about nail art on super long nails. The way I see it, it’s one or the other. Maybe you agree? Or disagree? Let me know, what are your thoughts on nail art actually in general? Do you think it’s still a thriving beauty trend? Feel free to comment below, meanwhile here are my top 4 nail art designs from the last few months. All done by the lovely crew at Tips Nail Bar in Toronto

half moon manicure
Gradual half moons. Inspired by two Marc Jacobs Beauty, polish shades.

evil eye nail art
Evil eye accent nail to fend off bad vibes. Haters gonna hate.

sparkle nail art
SPARKLE! Just because!

flamingo nail art

Meet Mr. Flamingo.This little guy has gotten a great deal of attention lately.

What are your favorite summer nail art designs? I'm currently inspired by anything in a rose gold, or metallic polish (rose gold, so hot right now). And I LOVE  all the "picnic" inspired nail designs I am seeing lately. Think red and white gingham (the table cloth), tiny flowers, maybe a cute ant or two, strawberries, oh oh, and corn on the cob. Trust me its cute, check out my inspiration below. 

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