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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Ultimate Closet Clean Up!

Clueless closet
Today we're talking closet clean ups, Oprah and cute dogs. Trust me, it will all make sense soon.

{Guest starring Pepper The Dalmatian}

When I was a teenager I had a routine that involved cleaning out my closet at the beginning of every season. I would spend hours sorting and trying on items and then parting with most of it. The sheer amount of junk I would throw out was a clear indication that at that point in my life I was purchasing disposable clothing. Luckily, somewhere along the line I taught myself to invest in better quality clothing. The kinda stuff that lasts forever. The only problem with stuff that lasts forever is, you literally have it, for-eva! Case in point, Miu Miu sandals I have only worn once, they are better served as a prop for a photoshoot with Pepper and they now simply take up space in my closet. But they have proven to be impossible to part with.

Earlier this summer I realized I was close to receiving an honorary hoarder certification, so I spent a good three hours standing in my closet, trying to determine which pieces I should part with. Obviously I determined that nothing should be donated. Even though I didn't wear half of it this was quality stuff. I didn't know what to do, so naturally, I turned to Oprah

Last fall Oprah had a yard sale. As part of her mission to declutter and rid her life of the things she “didn’t need” she auctioned off hundreds of her personal items, netting more than $600,000 for charity. Some of her sale items included: two 13 foot long sofas, a dog portrait, crystal lamp bases, and a random teapot that sold for over $1,000 simply because it belonged to Oprah. 

Surprisingly, the notion of selling off my personal items and raising over half a Million dollars is only slightly difficult for me to relate to. What I CAN relate to is why Queen O decided to host such a yard sale. "I've been accumulating things since 1985," she said. "It's just too much stuff. We talk about decluttering. And I realized, I need to declutter my own life. It is very freeing. I am downsizing”. Amen Oprah.

So the first step on my quest to be more like Oprah (that’s what I’ve been calling it) was to decide what means I would use to sell my unwanted designer clothing and accessories, and of course my 13 foot sofas. What were my options? Host an actual yard sale like Oprah? Visit a consignment shop in Toronto? Try to sell online via eBay? I wasn't familiar with any of these since I had never sold my stuff before. The yard sale idea didn't really work since it snowed here in Toronto right up until yesterday. I had heard that consignment shops take a hefty cut from your sales, and then wait months to pay you out. And eBay seemed like, so 1998.

Although the idea of dropping off my stuff at a consignment shop here in Toronto meant I wouldn't profit as much as I could if I sold my stuff independently I still liked that idea. That's when Trend Trunk contacted me. 

Trend Trunk is a Canadian start up, whose motto of "too many clothes and nothing to wear?" speaks loudly to me. 

I found their site easy to use, you can choose to upload photos and post your own items and receive 80% of the sale, or even have them post for you for less of a cut. And in true Oprah form they even allow for you to automatically donate any portion of your sales to a charity of your choice. I am donating 5% of the sale from each item to the OSPCA, that’s the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a charity that is near and dear to my heart.

While Trend Trunk offers advice on tips for selling such as post clear pictures, write a good description of the item and use #'s, I happen to have my own suggestions. 

First of all, as a blogger, and a decent human being, NEVER sell gifts. That's super shady. This is my number one rule. Also, don't lie about the condition of your items. Try to take pictures that show every side and angle of the product, it will help you sell it faster. Include original packaging ,dust bags or shoe boxes whenever you can. Take the time to write a creative and catchy description. Mention how many times you've worn the item, especially if its NEVER or "only once". But be honest.

Apart from that I suggest you man up and part with things that you haven't worn for a full year. If the appropriate season comes and goes and you haven't worn said item its time to let go. 

Do you have a hard time during closet clean ups? Or do you throw everything away so fast you don't even give the poor item time to collect dust? Have you tried online consignment yet?

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  1. Less is more! Congrats on your closet declutter.