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Friday, August 15, 2014

The Roundup: Food You Can Wear

nutella print tshirt

The Roundup is baaaack. And this Friday we're talkin food that you can wear, but cant eat.

Food, not just for nourishment any more. 

I dunno if you've been living under a coconut this summer but the latest trend is to wear your lunch on your sleeve. From pineapples to pizza and pretzels, food print and food inspired clothing and accessories are hot. This trend ranges in severity from cutesy to tacky, in my opinion. A cherry print blouse is a great item to have in your closet, while say, um a t-shirt that looks like you've turned into a giant Nutella bottle sounds very yummy, but not necessary.

As you know, I don't judge. Ill let the general public do that for me if you happen to step out in a pizza sweater. So today's roundup features 3 different variations of this trend. Ranging from food lover to creepy food stalker. Listen, my brother is a professional chef and I bet he wouldn't dare to wear that Nutella t-shirt.  

Anywho, take a look and let me know if you would or have already tried on this summers hottest trend. Have a happy Friday! 

1. Fruits 

fruit graphic clothing

 Dolce & Gabbana Citrus Printed Silk Top

 Cherry Bomb Swarovski Crystal Swimsuit 

 Charlotte Olympia Peach Purse 

 Forever 21 fruit earrings 

 Banana Moto Jacket

2.  Junk Food
hamburger sweater

 Marc by Marc Jacobs pretzel earrings 

 Moschino Fries iPhone case

 Ice Cream T-shirt

 Bacon Flip Flops

 Hot Dog Socks from Topshop

3. Comfort food
pizza print clothing

 Nutella print t-shirt

 Opening Ceremony Pizza Top

  Kate Spade Phone Case

 Sandwich t-shirt

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