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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Style Update

plaid print coat

What to wear (and read) this Fall...

Ah fall, that picturesque time of the year when the leaves turn, the sun shines and a crisp smell and cool breeze fill your lungs when you step outside. Only months away from hiding under a parka and 2734565432 layers, fall is the best time of the year to get dressed up.

If you have a limited budget, or just don't "need" much in the way of clothing this year there are still a few things you can pick up to enhance your current wardrobe and turn you into a fall style superstar. 

fall coat
The first is a warm-ish coat that speaks for itself. Something with a bold pattern or interesting cut is perfect for this time of year. We tend to stick to practical coats once the temps drop so this is your chance to have fun. I'm talking something like that plaid wool blend coat pictured in the opening shot. That one is Etoile Isabel Marant  I also love this one from Joe Fresh, that happens to cost under $200
The next item I insist you own is a hat. Think wool, something with a ribbon or a feather, but please not a beanie!! Please not a beanie!! Yeah, I wrote that twice, it wasn't a typo. I love this one from Eugenia Kim, and if you're going to splurge on a hat you may as well get one from a proper milliner. 
eugenia kim hat
Next I say you wrap your neck in some warmth because you don't want to get sick do you? For fall you can get away with a thinner wool and cashmere blend scarf, something that can be draped around you, over a blazer, and just thrown on more for a fashion statement than function. This one from Tibi caught my eye because its in one of this seasons hottest colors, and its LARGE!
tibi scarf

Fall is the perfect time of year to change things up in your wardrobe without having to worry about battling the elements outside. So I fully recommended that you do so. Check out some of my past posts on the glorious season, and how to dress for it. 

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