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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Roundup: Fall Prep

fall outfits

Since the Pumpkin Spice Latte has been available for over three weeks and the temperature here in Toronto has dropped by twenty degrees since this time last week I believe it is safe to say Fall is just around the corner. 

Today's Roundup is all about transitioning into my favorite season. Fall is the anything goes season for fashion and beauty. You still have a tan from summer so you can pull off any hair color and any shade of lipstick. Your summer clothes are boring you so layers, tweed, leather and wool excite the crap out of you. Basically, aside from achieving your Gold card at Starbucks Fall is a great time to change things up a bit. 

For me that means taking better care of my skin, transitioning my wardrobe and trying out a new beauty look. Check out my picks below for my 3 fall transition must-haves, 4 if you count the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Happy Friday! 

1.  As I mentioned above, I still have a hint of a tan from the past few sunny months. This has sparked my love affair for bright and bold lipstick shades. This fall my goal is to find the perfect wine slash mauve slash purple lipstick. Anything in a matte finish would be a bonus. This one from YSL, available at Sephora seems quite promising. 
YSL Lipstick
2. If you live in a climate with 4 seasons (or 10 if you're in Toronto) then Fall is the only time you can successfully wear a leather jacket and not freeze to death or melt into a puddle. Representing Canada I have to shout out to Rudsak. They make the perfect leather jacket. Such as THIS one. You can check out the rest of their collection HERE.
RUDSAK leather jacket
3. Dont you hate when your boots get all slushy and full of salt from the roads and muddy in the winter? Ya me too! That's why Fall is the most appropriate time to rock your soft leather anklet boots. This pair from Vine Camuto are on my wish list this month. You see, I'm allergic to socks and this is the perfect way to avoid them for the next 5-6 weeks. 
vince camuto booty

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  1. Oh these are the perfect choices! I love, love that YSL shade.