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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

World Mastercard Fashon Week: Day 1 Pink Tartan

world mastercard fashion week

The best of fashion week, day 1.

World Mastercard Fashion week in Toronto kicked off last night with one of Canada's favorite collections, Pink Tartan. Boasting a packed house (as usual) the show lived up to its reputation as one of the best of the entire week long event. The opening music and looks both immediately signaled that this collection was inspired by the 1970's. Blaring upbeat music from the decade had us singing along in our seats and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it more than others because of my 70's obsession. I was clearly born in the wrong decade, every piece from this collection spoke to me and several items were mentally placed on my "must own" list for this spring. Check out a few of my favorite looks below which include jumpsuits, bold all over print, more jumpsuits, fur collars, fringe and high waist wide leg pants. Night 1 is always exciting but when I see a collection like this I jump out of my seat.
pink tartan
spring summer runway
70's inspo
1970's style
bold print for spring

images by George Pimentel / Getty Images


  1. I love Pink Tartan! Those jumpsuits are to die for--especially the cream one with the fur shawl!

    Have a great week!


  2. Luv the way you write - feels like being there with you

  3. Great looks. My favorite are the first two. Thanks for sharing the pictures.