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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fashion Lesson: What Is Cruise Wear

sophia webster flamingo sandal
Did you know there was a 5th season for fashion???

Lately you may have noticed new arrivals in your favorite online shop or items labeled "New Season". That is not a reference to spring/summer 2015, rather it indicates that CRUISE Wear 2015 has been released. "Cruise Wear", easily the most pretentious term used in the fashion industry. Every year I ogle over these items but sadly they are not Northern Hemisphere appropriate. Cute sandals, bikinis and flirty dresses never make my shopping list this time of year, as I never opt to vacation during Christmas Holidays. I'm clearly missing out so its difficult for me to comprehend, why is Cruise Wear a 'Thing'? And why does it have to be called Cruuuuuise Wear? I kinda hate the name . 

Of course I looked into it, so I could bring you this fashion lesson. Cruise Wear also goes by the name of Resort Wear, which is not so bad, but still depressing if you're stuck in a snowy hell during all of December and January.
Not surprisingly the collections were originally meant for wealthy customers in the 1920's who would cruise over the holidays in the Mediterranean. Oh la-di-da! Cruise, or Resort collections are light weight items that are not yet available this time of year because the fall/winter collections are still in stores. These collections take into account functionality and comfort and must be luggage friendly, easy-wearing and made from breathable fabrics. Think caftans, bikinis, robes and Bermuda shorts. Previously only high fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren offered Cruise/Resort collections, and only for woman, but we have evolved. Lately menswear is sneaking a few resort looks into the fall fashion shows or producing separate Cruise collections. Also, the regular shopper is taking to Cruise as a means of begin their spring shopping early once they have gotten their fill of Fall/Winter.

So with this in mind I checked out the latest Cruise collection from me favorite online retailer, check them out below. There are actually several items I wouldn't mind getting my hands on before the snow melts. Mainly the collection would have to be put aside though, until at least May, to be able to wear and enjoy without getting slush in my sandal.

Do you personally shop the Cruise Collections? If you're not vacationing any time soon, would you start your spring shopping this early? 

Cruise/Resort collections have become big business! Apparently the need for a 5th season of clothing was in demand because these collections are no longer just for the rich and super rich. Brands such as Banana Republic and J Crew are now offering Cruise wear, and some like Tommy Bahamas strictly offer vacation wear all year long. Its funny to think that someone would need an entire new wardrobe for a vacation when summer was only a few months ago, but hey, if its an excuse to shop I guess I cant complain ;) 


  1. I love the idea of resort wear! Even though I never go away anywhere during those months it makes me dream!

    1. So true, its escapism isn't it. As depressing as it may be to have to look at summer clothing while it snowing lol (cruel joke).

  2. Love this post! I had no idea resort wear was actually something more then Lilly Pulitzer!!

  3. Number 9 shoes! So nice!