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Saturday, June 27, 2015

5 Weeks, 5 Sheet Masks...

I tried and reviewed 5 sheets masks. Embarrassing pictures included.

Face masks have come a long way. I should know, I have been addicted to this at home beauty product for about a decade and a half.  Masks are a quick way to pamper yourself, an easy relaxation beauty ritual, and of course they also do wonders for your skin. Ten minutes in a face mask can treat skin issues such as dryness, congested pores, or treat aged tired looks skin. 

But how do you choose just one when there are so many different types of masks? Well first of all nobody said you have to choose just one. Walk into Sephora or any drug store today and you will find a variety of quality masks in different forms. There are cream masks (they provide moisture), clay masks (for detoxification), peel off masks (to clarify skin), gel masks (they have a cooling and de-puffing affect), and the latest craze, sheet masks; which are soaked in essential oils that penetrate your skin. Oh and don't forget overnight masks (my absolute favorite).

Since sheet masks are one of the BIGGEST beauty product obsessions right now I recently conducted a 5 week, 5 mask trial so that I may share the reviews with you guys. You may have seen this pic on Instagram....
Sheet masks are LITERALLY scary looking. But I promise they are actually easy to apply and make virtually no mess. They are not as intimidating as people think. The only person still traumatized from the last 5 weeks is my husband. Poor guy had to witness me in these masks and I'm sure he still has night terrors. 

Anyway, here are my mask reviews with product information.  

1. THEFACESHOP Hydro Vita C Sheet Mask: vitamin  c with blood orange = smells amazing! It didn't feel super slimy which is important, obviously you don't want to get grossed out by your beauty routine. The design of this mask is two pieces which makes it very easy to apply but I found the bottom portion slid off my face too easily.  The essential oils felt refreshing which was perfect because the day I tested this mask I was recovering from a 24 stomach bug and really needed a pick me up. My skin was extra bright after and trust me I was green before I used it. This is one mask I will definitely purchase again.
 2. Sephora Collection Ginseng Sheet Mask: FYI right now these are buy 4 get 1 free!
This is a one piece sheet mask that fit my face very naturally and was easy to apply. It has lots of product on it,without being too gooey, when you get it on you really felt like you're getting your money's worth. Initially all was good but ten minutes in it started to itch a bit which to be perfectly honest is prolly just me because I'm allergic to everything including AIR! This one says that you don't need to wipe or remove anything after your 15 min in the mask is up, the oils just absorbed into your skin. For me that was irritating because  could feel the product on my skin afterwards so I ended up rubbing some of it into my skin but eventually wiping most of it off. Regardless, my skin was extra glossy and I had lunch with my bestie after who told me my skin was glowing. So, woohoo!
3. THEFACESHOP Chia See Hydrating Mask: My initial reaction was that this mask was  very goopy, and I almost got grossed out while unfolding the sheet. When I placed it over my face the eye holes were ridiculously tiny and the product stung my eyes at first. I was a bit annoyed but had a nice LOL at the English translation of the Korean instructions which said to let the "residue sit on your face after you remove the mask".  I typically don't allow "residue" on my face at all but I figured I would give this mask a chance and let it sit. Once I Removed it after the 15 min my face was SUPER hydrated as it had promised. That residue really worked! I did find that my face became sorta sticky half an hour later when it had dried up. But my skin was supple all day so thumbs up. 
4. The Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask: First reaction; why the heck are the eye-holes so small? The first mask that felt like it was made for somebody with a specific face size, shape. Someone with a ridiculously short face apparently. But it felt very nice on and it wasn't sliding off my face because it has the PERFECT amount of product. After removing the sheet my skin wasn't sticky like the previous masks. I didn't notice much of a difference with my skin which is an obvious drawback. But the package does state this mask is meant to be used as a series of masks over the course of four weeks, and I only had purchased one, so I didn't really use it properly. Because I enjoyed the way it felt when it was on I'm thinking of actually buying four more and next month trying them all to see if my skin sees any results. 

 5. Life Brand Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask: I wanted to add a drug store brand into the mix because I have always been loyal to these masks. Life Brand is my favorite. Now that they have introduced sheet masks I had to give them a try. I felt immediate results after using this mask. My skin was softer and had a nice glow. I always love these masks cause they are inexpensive and easy to find at local drug store. Not too goopy, didn't slide off my face and I had NO itchy sensation at all. It was my favorite mask and it cost under $2.

P.S. after the 5 weeks and 5 masks my skin has shown an obvious improvement! 

Have you tried sheet masks yet? If so which are your favorite? Or do you have a favorite clay, or peel off mask? Share your beauty finds below.

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