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Sunday, December 13, 2015

I Wish You A Dolce & Gabbana Christmas

#Family Goals

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and with all the festive parties and dinners on the horizon comes the inevitable question of "what to wear?" Unfortunately tis the season for an over abundance of red, crushed velvet and tacky sequins. Are you sick of ugly Christmas sweaters yet? 

In a perfect world, your holiday season would be 100% chic, and 0% tacky if you were sponsored by, lets just say, Dolce & Gabbana! I often conjure up inspiration boards, or save images of my "fantasy wardrobe", and essentially it includes an insane, obnoxious, yet impressive amount of Dolce & Gabbana. Of course in this dream I'm also sitting at a cafe on the Italian coast (Amalfi, why not?) sipping a cappuccino. La vita e bella.

For me Dolce & Gabbana checks off every box. 1. Italian 2. Super luxurious textures such as lace, beading, brocade, leather. 3. Whimsical 4. Sexy yet still demure, so you dont upset Nonna. 5. Italian! Yep, I said that twice...

I think this image from the brand's current advertising campaign sums it up.
(yes, when I'm 80 I'll STILL want to be engulfed in Dolce & Gabbana! I promise you this!) I want to be the coolest Nonna on the planet!

So what does my dream holiday wardrobe include? My picks for four total Dolce & Gabbana looks are below.  I should also mention that the 'Miss Sicily Bag' is my latest handbag obsession. Each of my dream outfits feature a different Miss Sicily bag, because four bags are better than one.
Red leather leggings + a knit that pays tribute to the most important woman in your life. This outfit is perfect for Christmas Eve dinner at Nonna's (grandma's) house.
Leave the red + green combo for Santa, I prefer pink + green on Christmas morning. Also, bonus points for being able to wear this outfit to church and to any Christmas gathering...any good Italian knows that's REAL transition dressing ;)
I'd love to wear this outfit out Boxing Day shopping. Slip on shoes are key, so that you can try clothes on quicker, duh.
Did you know Italians believe that wearing red underwear on New Years Eve brings good luck in the year ahead? What about carrying a stunning red purse? Paired with a rose pattern sweater, and look I even threw in some sparkle, so you cant say I'm not festive. 

Do you dream of owning a wardrobe full of your favorite designer? Share the details of your dream holiday wardrobe below.

P.S all items available on Far Fetch

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  1. Thank you very much. Amazing women accessories collection. Most of the included item is favorite of me.... I will try to purchase few of them. thank you again...