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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last Minute Gifts That Don't Stink

Holiday Scent Gifting Guide

If you've ever received a generic bottle of perfume for Christmas and thought "You literally JUST picked this up from the drug store, didn't you?", than you know all too well that perfume is one of the most common last minute gifts. 

I heard a staggering statistic today, about the number of Canadians who STILL haven't even begun their Christmas shopping. Lets just say that when the malls open tomorrow there will be a lot of desperate shoppers out there. As far as last minute gifts go you actually don't have to resort to drug store perfume any longer. In fact, you still have time to pick up any of the five amazing scent gifts I featured below.

Each of these great gifts are now available in stores, are affordable (not any more costly than that drug store perfume you are reaching for), and the best part is they do not appear to be cheap, after thought gifts.

These are also perfect gifts for your discerning friend or family member who is actually into perfume/scents, and a few even work as stocking stuffers. 
Saje Natural Wellness aromaBreeze Ultrasonic Nebulizer
What is it: I'm pretty obsessed with Saje Natural Wellness if you haven't already noticed from previous posts. I recently started using one of their very popular Nebulizer products, with the "Tranquil" essential oil and I am very impressed. The scent is subtle and does the trick; relaxation! My version has a soothing dim light and the bubbling noise further adds to the ambiance, my daughter also finds it fascinating so I placed one in her room. 

Who to buy for: This gift is a great Christmas/Housewarming gift for new home owners, I also suggest it for new parents, because it makes a great addition to any nursery. It may even help your little one sleep (OMFG!)
L'Occitane En Provence Pierre Herme Limited Edition Eau de Toilette
What is it: Limited edition eau de toilette created by Pierre Herme (famous pastry chef, so you know this is going to be delicious) You can also pick up one of L'Occitane's yummy gift sets, featuring soaps, shea butter, shower gels and more, and they are available in MANY different scents. I'm partial to their Lavender scent, its amazing! Also, when purchasing a holiday gift set keep in mind that L'Occitane is proud to partner with Dress for Success® to give back to those in need this Holiday season. $10 of the purchase of each gift box, totaling a donation up to $120,000, will help outfit a woman for her job interview.

Who to buy for: The perfume collector. Anyone who you think would love a nice long soak in a bath with some luxurious bath products, followed by a spritz with an uplifting fragrance. Who wouldn't love that?
Lush Cosmetics Snow Fairy Shower Gel
What is it: Limited edition shower gel that has just the right amount of sparkle and an amazing amount of fragrance. There are limited amounts of weeks left to get your hands on this cult classic shower gel. I suggest picking up one for yourself while you're at it. 

Who to buy for: an easy stocking stuffer, pick up a few bottles and get everyone in your family hooked on the stuff. I dare you not to smile when you first open the bottle in the shower. 

Joe Malone London Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Home Candle 
What is it: The ultimate luxury home candle. Scent that lasts for hours, slow burning and superb quality. 

Who to buy for: The person who has everything. Even if they already have a Joe Malone candle, trust me they want another one. 
What is it: Gift set of super cute and super amazing scented hand creams from The Faceshop. My favourite is the Mango scent, although the cocoa reminds me of a tropical paradise, oh and the avocado makes me feel like I just got a mani from a nice spa. All three rock! 

Who to buy for: The beauty junkie, Korean beauty products are the IT item this year. Also, anyone who likes cute stuff, which should be everyone! 

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