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Monday, December 3, 2012


I think it was about two years ago when the ankle boot trend came back onto the scene. I remember thinking it will be a short lived 80's revival, but upon further scrutiny I pictured my mother in the late 90's with her precious suede zip up boots that I wished I was old enough and confident enough to wear at the time. I then thought back to my very own booty purchase in Wales in 2008 and came to the realization that the ankle boot may be here to stay. Lets discuss my first pair for a moment, as I mentioned it was 2008, the scene was Cardiff Wales and every student in my school was rocking the short boots. Brits are never afraid to try out a trend, and the three years I lived in Cardiff I adopted this mantra as well. I saved my pennies (pence actually) and marched into Topshop to purchase these sweet boots. Suede + a 5.5 inch heel do not go well in the UK climate + cobble stone streets but I proudly wore my boots out that weekend. 
Upon my migration back to Toronto a few years later I only once attempted to wear the boots out and about before I realized they were wildly impractical. When the trend resurfaced a few years back and my girl friend commented to me that she was coveting a pair of lil boots I believe my reaction was "been there, done that". My Topshop boots sat in my closet collecting dust, and furthermore I had developed a sever addiction to pumps, at that point I thought I'd never be turned on to a pair of ankle boots again. That was until the trend of coloured jeans came around and I realized the perfect accompaniment to the skinny jean is in fact, the ANKLE BOOT! Lucky me my hubby took me out shopping earlier this month and bought me the perfect pair. 
I cant get enough of these Zara boots; I have been wearing them almost every day to work, dinner, the movies, to get groceries, I almost wore them to walk my dogs. Furthermore, I feel like a kid again now craving these suede tassel babies from Net-A-Porter They are a similar style to the ones my mother had back when I was kid. 
So if you were to ask me today if investing in a good designer pair of ankle boots is worthwhile I will think back to my days of hobbling across cobble stone in sky high impractical suede booties, in the rain, with "chips" fresh from a chip wagon in my hands and reply yes, yes indeed! 

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