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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Novello Recommends Part 1

Check it out, I have decided to reveal some of my top beauty picks. These are not fad products that I've recently discovered, no, no, these are my tried, tested and true favs which I am deeply committed to. I have been using these babies for years. So I figured I may as well share the wealth and fill you all in on my best beauty secrets in my first instalment of "Novello Recommends".

First, for us ladies who experience dry scaly skin in the winter and thus dread shaving. I wish I could just let my leg hairs grow all winter long but I doubt my husband or the sucker beside me at yoga would appreciate that. I found that two or three days after shaving my skin is so inflamed I end up scratching it till it bleeds. Gross! That was until I discovered eos products several years ago. The sensitive- fragrance free shave cream is remarkable, you can shave wet or dry and it truly leaves your skin soft and I have yet to experiance that horible itchy dryness days later. Makes sense since after all, you do know eos stands for 'evolution of smooth' don't you? 

Next up, my coveted Vichy  concealer. I have been using their Dermablend for at least 10 years now. I have gone through countless tubes of this stuff and since I rarely wear make up but wear concealer every day I am always shocked that a tube lasts me 1 full year. My mother was the one who introduced me to this product, she's so wise. And you can find it at Shoppers Drug Mart which is fantastic. 

Laura Mercier tinted foundation  has to be my biggest score make-up wise. The day I discovered this in Sephora my life changed; seriously. I am make-uply challenged to the point where foundation application is beyond me. This product has a perfect tint and SPF so I can just apply it all over my face and I'm done. 

What can I say about this next product besides, its freaking awesome! Philosophy's When Hope Is Not Enough serum is exactly as they descirbe it on their website "lightweight, oil-free antioxidant and peptide serum helps reduce the first signs of ageing and protect skin against the future signs of ageing" Enough said. 

Up next, Moroccanoil Treatment. Considering how long my hair is (if I'm not careful it will swim in the toilet) and the fact that I am in need of a trim at the moment a dollop of this stuff and my hair is silky and shiny even after blow drying and curling the crap out of it. I have also used their shampoo in the past and they are equally as effective. 

The last is truly a little secret my mom and I share, its Plus White 5 Minute Rapid Whitening. I have tried the Crest, Rembrandt, Colgate etc brands that claim to  whiten your teeth in anywhere from 7 days to 7 minutes but they never worked for me, and they were a pain in the butt.  I didn't want to spend 30 min with that mouth guard filled with bleach on my teeth (it makes you drool like mad) so this product was perfect for me. You dab a bit on your teeth and wait five min then rinse, et voilĂ  your teeth actually appear to be whiter THAT day.  They say to use it for 7 days in a row, twice a day. But it is also good for quick touch ups before events. 

So that's it for now, I hope you try out some of my fav's and if you happen to have a recommendation of your own in the same categories please feel free to share because I am always willing to try new products. 

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