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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nailed It!

Over the past two years I have cultivated quite the collection of nail polishes, this of course went hand in hand with the fact that I used to change my nail polish every Friday night. Lately I have been slacking big time, and with the introduction of the Shellac manicure my world has never been there same (duh, you can keep the same colour on for 3 weeks). I am indeed a manicure junkie; I find the time and somehow the funds to get a fresh manicure once a month and sometimes twice a month if there are special occasions lined up. 

Check out some of my fav manicures from this past summer

That was taken on my wedding day. The thought of a white tip French manicure on my wedding day made me gag; how boring!! Instead I went for purple Shellac, with a matt French tip and my ring finger was adorned with sparkles. I was quite pleased. 

How bout this one... that's me on the left with a beige Shellac, layered with gold sparkles and orange half moon's. I think this is my favourite manicure of all time.  While I wish I had the skill to do this myself I usually rely on the lovely ladies at Tips Nail Bar to pamper my fingers and toes. They are a group of super talented, friendly ladies who operate in a cozy environment where you are encouraged to try out funky new designs. They don't rush you out the door with a plain old boring polish, but rather play around with new colours and try out designs to give you a stand out manicure. They also did my maid of honour's nails for the wedding, check it out...

They painstakingly glued rhinestones onto her ring fingers; it looked  awesome! When I don't have the time of the funds to get a professional manicure I settle on painting my own nails in front of the tv. My go-to is OPI, I find the brush perfect for non pro's like myself and I can pull off a decent manicure even with dark colours which are more difficult to apply. Below is my most recent at-home-manicure. 

Now, if you really are a nail junkie like me and also enjoy a good blog (I HOPE you do if you're reading this..sheeesh) then you should check out Move Slightly you will be blow away with the designs that nail artist and blogger Elizabeth Monson pulls off.  If she doesn't get you're creative juices flowing then I don't know what will. The fun reality if that nail art is HUGE right now, so why not embrace it? Why not get married with purple nails? Why not change your nail polish every week and as you can see above who says you have to wear the same colour on every nail? 

* Wedding day pics from the lovely Laura May 

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