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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scent Of A Woman

While I am a huge fan of Al Pacino this post is in no way related to the 1992 blockbuster as the title may suggest. It is rather a self proclamation that yours truly has become a perfume whore. I use that lovely term because over the years my habits have revealed I have some serious commitment issues when it comes to perfume.  I have been spraying the stuff on since the tender age of 15 and have since gone through dozens of bottles a year, using them right until they run dry then discarding the bottle never to purchase the same scent again. I often layer two fragrances at once, sometimes three, and I re-apply mid day, I'm THAT girl who carries her perfume in her purse and sprays it in the bathroom and in my car. The worst habit I have; I spray directly onto my clothes and skin rather then "spray and walk into it" as my mother always preaches. 
That's me on my wedding day stealing my mother Chanel No. 5. And in case you are wondering, yes of course I sprayed it right onto my French lace wedding dress. Yeah, I am hardcore like that. 

As I quickly approach 30 I am beginning to wonder if I will ever have a monogamous relationship with one scent. A "signature scent" as they say, we've all read the Vogue and Elle articles written by classy, established, fashionable women on their own quest for their signature fragrance. They wish to walk into a room and have everyone recognize them based on the scent of or lavender and rose. They want to be smelt not seen. Will I ever achieve this? Unlikely considering my history. 

My first perfume was Charlie by Revlon. Charlie has been around since 1973 and my own mother wore it in the 70's which would explain why she bought me a bottle from Shoppers Drug mart and said "its a nice teenage appropriate scent". I of course didn't think twice and I sprayed that Charlie every day before school, sometimes before school dances and always before recess! From there on out I was addicted. 

The 90's taught me that not every perfume works for everyone. I tried out Angel in 1992 which was and still remains a favourite of mine. Then came the infamous John Paul Gaultier in 1993, with a bottle shaped like a voluptuous female I was slightly embarrassed when I asked my father to pick me up a bottle from duty-free. But the 90's wouldn't be my trial and error period for perfume if it wasn't for Cool Water by Davidoff. This was a men's cologne yet I wore it, why you ask? Who the f knows. I think my last irrational perfume purchase would have to be Glow by Jlo, I have blocked the scent from my memory and vowed to never try a celebrity perfume again (we will return to this re: Lady Gaga) Over the past 5 years I have tried every single Bvlgari scent, they are sublime! Omnia, Omnia Amethyst  Crystalline, and Green Jade have all graced my make up counter. Currently I am into Dior, Narciso Rodriguez and Lady Gaga Fame. Next month; who knows? But I can bet it wont be a repeat of any of the above mentioned, especially not Cool Water. And as for Mother Monster's celebrity scent, its perfect, the scent is different and I have gotten several compliments and the bottle is cool and looks great on my counter. My husband surprised me with the bottle one day after work and I will admit for the first time ever I may even pick myself up another bottle when this one runs out, or maybe not...sorry Gaga I love you but there are so many other fish in the sea. 

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