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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Most Impractical of Practical

Say you find yourself in Holts on a bright and sunny summer afternoon when you've played hooky from work, and you discover they just happen to be holding their annual summer sale. You peruse through the purse section, check out their denim collection but ultimately land yourself in the shoe department! What factors help you determine whether or not $400 for a pair of fuchsia sparkle Miu Miu sandals (also, they look wildly uncomfortable) are practical? Or impractical?

Recently this has been a topic of debate between myself and well; myself, after I counted the numbers of dress shoes I owned. The tally, 30 pairs, of sandals and pumps. That can't be healthy. I used to have a strict filter, and rules that I would apply when purchasing a new pair of shoes. My first question posed to myself would be "Do you already own a similar pair?" This went out the window when I began my love affair with the Michael Kors pump, I now own in three different colours, two of which are taupe....I guess that's only two colours then. Next I would ask "Are they affordable?" This used to mean something different to me when I was unemployed, and I'm sure it means something different to everybody depending on how much you're willing to spend or how much you have already spent on shoes that month "affordable" could very well be $400. So here you find yourself with the sparkly sandals in hand and you ask your final question, the question that always gets me, "Are they on sale?" Listen, when a spectacular pair of shoes carries a $900 price tag I always walk away, I'm not willing to drop that much on one pair at this point in my life. But, I know in three months from now they will most likely be half off or somewhere close to that. The thought of passing up such an amazing deal always pulls at my heart strings, I tell myself "They're practically free!" But they very well aren't free, and after you walk away with the $400 sparkly friends you ask yourself where the F you're going to wear these puppies?

This brings me back to my original question of, what makes a shoe practical? Is it colour, material, price tag? I realized that once I owned a pair of pumps in all the staple colours, black, brown, taupe, and more taupe, I ventured out into the more daring orange, sequin, sparkle, purple velvet, red, satin, jewel encrusted, I can go on....trust me. So I wanna know, what do you consider when considering a new pair of shoes? To help get you going here are some examples of my most impractical, practical shoe purchases.

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