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Monday, June 17, 2013

Read My Lips

If you have ever worked with me, were cool enough to have partied with me (hahah, good one Jenn), or just met me two days ago you would know that I do not wear make up. Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to make-up or sneak into my wash room and my makeup collection reveals an entirely different story. 

For someone who wears mascara maybe twice a month, relies on chap-stick daily and can hardly use an eyelash curler properly you would be surprised to see what I am harboring in terms of a make-up collection. 

I can admit my makeup sits collecting dust on a regular basis, but my lip stick collection on the other hand is near and dear to my heart. 

I fell in love with lipstick at a young age, I purchased my first lip stick back in grade 7 so that I could sneak into the washroom before the school dance and illegally apply some color to my thin lips. Such a rebel I was. I remember “Spice” lip liner from MAC was so popular in grade 9, all my girl friends had it. In case you don’t know Spice, it’s a BROWN liner, so you’re probably thinking we wore some deep neutral or tan lip color with this liner. Well you’re wrong, we wore “Rizzo” from MAC, which was a fuchsia. Umm, yeah…no comment. 

Later on in my teenage years I was a gloss addict. I tried every lip pumping, smoothing and shine enhancing gloss out there from every brand, But essentially, Dior gloss got me through undergrad and law school. Gloss is so easy to apply and adds such a shine to your lips which creates the illusion that they are more full and plump. Gloss was my go-to mainly because I am makeup-ly challenged and applying lip liner was just asking for trouble.

But while I was planning my wedding last year I decided to grow up, and start wearing lip stick (again, but as an adult, this time no Spice added). On my wedding day my lips were a BRIGHT, bold red matte lip stick. Lady Danger from MAC, you opened up a new world of lip adornment for me, thank you! 

Some may consider me a lip stick junkie, at this point I have quite the collection which recently even impressed a makeup artist, if that’s not validation then I’m not sure what is.    

Now that I have been named an expert in this field what do I do with my power? Spread the wealth of course. 

So, check it out below, these are my all time fav lipsticks, notice they all represent a different lip trend. And yeah duh, I wear all of these religiously so that is why they look worn, I have no remorse for posting my half used lipsticks, makes this post that more realistic no?

orange lipstick
Make up Forever - Rouge Artist Intense in Satin Orange Coral 
MAC - Lipstick in Tangerine Dream 
Nars - Satin Lip Pencil in Coral 

red lipstick

pink lipstick
YSL - Rouge Volupte Shine in Bright Cajun Coral
MAC - Lipstick in Candy Yum-Yum 

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  1. Ha! I feel like we should have a lipstick party! I can't help collecting them either and I remember spice....