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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

To Buy Or Not To Buy

sequin skirt
My search for a mature sequin skirt my finally be over. 

Lately I have been admiring shimmering, shinny, glitzy sequin skirts. After all, anything with a disco feel is fine by me. My only deterrent from picking up has been the length. They are most popular, and easier to track down, in mini skirt version. I don’t have much use for mini skirts these days; especially ones disguised as disco balls. Therefore I have been searching for a knee length sequin skirt to call my own, and the hunt has been on for a longgggg ass time.

THE “one” would ideally be a pencil skirt, in a neutral color and more of a simple pattern. My vision is to pair this dream pencil skirt with an oversized, fluffy cashmere or mohair turtleneck. This would be a match made in heaven.

As luck would have it J. Crew has answered my frivolous prayers and has presented the world and me with the following……

j.crew skirt
This baby is available now in J.Crew stores and also online at Net-A-PorterBut this wouldn't be an episode of To Buy or Not to Buy if the price tag wasn't as hefty as me after eating dinner at my Nanna’s place. $645 you say….$US…before shipping. This was starting to look completely unpromising. Perhaps this skirt may go on sale Monday when Net-A-Porter embraces Cyber Monday and opens up their MASSIVE Winter Sale (I have been patiently waiting). Then it will be totally worth it right? I particularly love the black sash on the side, and the fact that these are not your normal, run of the mill sequins. They are flower (I feel like they are actually snowflakes) shaped sequins.
sequin skirt
Last week I stumbled upon ANOTHER sequined pencil skirt. This time from the folks at White House Black Market. And lucky me they just recently opened 3 stores in Toronto! 
white house black market skirt

This one embraces the sequin trend AND the stripe trend. Making it actually a bit more difficult for my purposes (paired with a giant sweater; dressed down) but its still so pretty. 

sequin skirt
Where cost is concerned, its only $168. A whole lot cheaper than the J.Crew version. I wanna say its the same...but different where looks are concerned. Making it difficult to decide between the two. Also, I don't already own anything from White House Black Market, so I'm not sure what the quality is like. 

What do you think? Which would you gravitate towards - price aside, solely based on design. And which would you actually be more inclined to purchase - considering price. Let me know, and help me decided whether to buy or not to buy.

Shop more SEQUINS here...

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