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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Altuzarra For Target

Altuzarra for Target collection
The 5 items we think will sell out faster than you can get trampled by a swam of shoppers on September 14th. 

Last week Target unveiled images of their entire Altuzarra for Target collection. You can check them out HERE and also HERE. 

If you recall, yours truly previously reviewed the Phillip Lim and Peter Pilotto for Target collections, reporting right from the trenches with my own horrifying experience of how thing's went down on the day the collection was release to the general public. This time around I may or may not be lining up outside my local Target store on September 14th. Not that I don't like a good stampede, but I dont know if my heart can handle the build up of coveting so many of these items only to find they are sold out twenty seconds after the doors open.  Here's the thing, some items will sell out at lightening speed, while others will remain on the racks swaying in the breeze as the hundreds of shoppers rush to the cash registers. 

These are the 5 items I predict will sell out right away.

1. "The Furry Jacket". This faux fur jacket is only $69.99 which is a steal for an outwear item like this. I suspect this will sell out FIRST. Not only because of the price but because its the only winter appropriate item in the collection.
altuzarra faux fur coat
  2. Over The Knee Boots. This one is easy. Although I doubt these are real leather I bet they will sell out asap. Footwear and accessories in these collections go faster than everything else. Also they are $79.99 which is an unheard of price for over the knee boots.
target over the knee boots
  3. Red Velvet Suit. Oh red velvet suit I want to own you so bad, but I shudder to think of how early I will have to wake up to get a good spot in line for you. Will you be worth it? I know this item will be on everyone's MUST have list, but when you actually come face to face with these pieces will the quality be up to par? And what about the fit? I am concerned because the blazer is not cheap, its $59.99 and the pants are $39.99. I would be more inclined to just pick up the pants. But I still know this will be a HOT ticket item.
red velvet suit

altuzarra for target suit
  4. Black Cropped Boots. Ankle boots for $59.99. Enough said.

target cropped booties

5. Python Print Blouse. The price of this blouse, $34.99, and the fact that it is so easy to wear will make it the most popular "filler item" as I call them. When the boots or the suit sell out everyone will be fighting over this top, hear me now. Get your hands on one early if you spot it and maybe you can use it as leverage for a trade. I kid you not. I did that when I lined up for the Phillip Lim collection.
python print blouse
So will you be joining the masses of shoppers on Sept 14th when the collection is released? Which items are on your must have list?

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