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Friday, October 10, 2014

How To Survive Halloween

My annual public service announcement for all you ladies heading out to celebrate Halloween this year...

This might be age discrimination but I believe when you're over 30 you should try everything in your power to avoid looking like a street walker on Halloween. Just throwing that out there.

As I mentioned last year, I'm over the whole "dress like a ho on Halloween" trend. Instead I opt for either a cheesy costume or no costume at all and instead I pay homage to the holiday in my own "special" way. That special way of course is with kitschy items and beauty products that remind us exactly what this month is REALLY about. Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!!

If you're similar to me and you couldn't care whether you spend the holiday at a crazy Halloween party, or sitting in the dark with your television and lights off so brats don't knock on your door then look no further. Every year I round up my favorite anti-Halloween, pro October items to help you get through this month in style. This year I pulled together several kick-ass beauty products and a few items that may surprise you because they actually pay tribute to Halloween, but in a high fashion sort of way.

My suggestion is to embrace the season but without having to dress like a slutty nurse of course. Instead, paint your nails, slip on a cute pair of flats and if you are attending a party treat your host to something special. 

Happy Halloween, sorta. 

A bright orange lipstick can be your pal pretty much all fall. This one from Stila is one of my favorites. Their color balm lipstick is unique because it has the properties of a balm and the shine of a gloss. The nourishment from a balm is super important this time of year as the weather turns dry and your poor lips will start to crack if you don't treat them.  

Another stellar beauty product is La Couleur Couture nail polish. A brand NEW Canadian nail lacquer collection of highly pigmented hues featuring a distinguished toxic-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly &  fast drying formula! Available everywhere, but click here for more info on where to buy online and in stores. Also stay tuned next week I will be discussing the brand in more detail. 

Leave it up to Charlotte Olympia to turn every holiday into an excuse for us to drop $2k on accessories. Valentines Day, Christmas and Halloween inspire the designer to no end and her limited edition holiday versions of her infamous slip on flat are always irresistible. The web slip on and this stand out web clutch are available now from the Halloween Collection.  

If you happen to be attending a party and are stumped for costume ideas may I suggest "High Fashion Devil" Eugenia Kim always has the best headbands and quirky hats to complete every look.

So what does the high fashion devil bring to the party they are attending? A gift for their host of course. This season LUSH has come out with a selection of treats for your bath. 7 new products that have taken inspiration from starry night sky, fire works and folklore, they fizz and pop and sparkle with fruit goodness I can only imagine how amazing they smell. My favorites are the Sparkly Pumpkin, The Wizard and The Wizard Hat. P.S the hat contains three of the new products and can actually be worn afterwards, costume dilemma solved!

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