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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Experience LUSH

LUSH cosmetics for christmas

Part 1 of a new series where I will be featuring products from my favorite natural wellness and beauty brands. These are brands that promote living well and feeling well with products that use sustainable packing (or zero packaging), fight against animal testing and boast many more splendid attributes. Shopping for these products is an experience as enjoyable as using their products at home.

Experience LUSH

How much do you know about LUSH? Chances are you have tried one of their irresistible products or at least walked past their shop and wondered how one store could possible smell so great. Or maybe you fall under a different category, the same one I'm in, and you're utterly obsessed with this handmade cosmetics brand.

I'm sure the first thing anyone notices about LUSH is the scent. Their stores are easy to locate from down the hall of your shopping center, just follow your nose. That enough was motivation for me to walk in and purchase a slew of products 8 years ago when I was living in the UK. I didn't know much about the brand but literally could not resist the sweet candy smells that filled my bathtub after that first purchase. Recently I did some more research into the company after having noticed that several of their Halloween products were 100% vegan. Turns out there is a lot more to LUSH than just a sensory experience.  

fight animal testing

LUSH ensures that the process of making their products by hand is sustainable and fair with no animal testing. You may not know, LUSH is one of the most ethical retailers in the world. All of their products are 100% vegetarian, and many products are vegan. Animal testing is never an option, and they have campaigned greatly against the practice in the cosmetics industry.

cosmetics with fresh ingredients

Three-quarters of LUSH products are self-preserving, meaning they use all natural preservatives like salt, honey and clay to stay fresh. LUSH is making it their mission (one of many) to eliminate the use of parabens and other synthetic preservatives. 

fight the fur trade 
Not only has LUSH joined the fight against animal testing but also have invested in a campaign against the fur trade. 100 Million animals are killed for their fur each year. Its a staggering statistic. LUSH is working to shine light on the fur industry. Even though their products don't use fur at all. You can visit www.furbearerdefenders.com if you would like more information on this movement.


reduce product packaging

LUSH believes that Naked is better. Products are displayed in stores without any packaging, simply "Naked". For those few products that absolutely require packing LUSH uses recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

So with all of that to offer its no wonder I often stock up on LUSH products, as well as offer them as gifts for my closest friends and family. Especially during Christmas time, there are several items my shower cant be without. 

My top 3 LUSH shower and bath products are: Snow Fairy, a candy-scented, pink shimmery shower gel. Reindeer Rock, hand cut soap with silvery sparkle and scented with Lingonberry. Lord of Misrule, a bath bomb made with spicy patchouli and Fairtrade vanilla.

LUSH bath products
LUSH bath bomb

For after the shower. Soft Coeur Massage Bar made with honey and chocolate. This is a soft and melty massage bar with a chocolate center. Yes it sounds more like a dessert than a conditioning bar made with cocoa butter but it actually is too good for your skin to be eaten. In the harsh dry winter I use this to condition my legs and it keeps them soft all day long, not to mention I don't have to wear perfume at all when I have this on my skin.
solid body lotion
For the perfect Holiday Gift...for the Snow Fairy enthusiast. That is everyone by the way. I like to spread the love every Christmas and give someone on my nice list the gift of their first Snow Fairy shower gel. This tiny gift set is the perfect way to introduce someone to the product, and get them hooked of course.
LUSH gift sets


  1. I love Lush, but I haven't tried any of their holiday products this year - silly me, soon I'll have missed out! Snow Fairy is definitely on my wishlist.

  2. I just love the Lush philosophy, great write up!