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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fashion News: Christian Louboutin Nail Color

red sole
When fashion meets beauty the results can be game changing...


What happens when two of your obsessions come together in a magical twist of fate? No, I'm not talking Brangelina, or the Cronut. Although those are both equally awesome. I'm talking about nail polish + Christian Louboutin. 

Earlier this summer Louboutin announced the release of their first ever beauty product. Actually, it was more like a vague announcement that SOMETHING spectacular was going to happen later on in the summer. I wondered for weeks what my favorite shoe designer had up his sleeve this time, but had no idea a beauty launch was in the works. As it turns out Mr Louboutin revealed that he had conjured up a stunning new line of nail lacquers, the first to be released on its own ahead of the entire collection is a bright red that matches the red of the soles of his shoes.  Rouge Louboutin, as its called is highly pigmented, DBP and formaldehyde free and is long wearing and chip resistant.
Louboutin polish

Louboutin The Rouge
So why nail polish? If you aren't already aware, the red sole was born out of a playful spur of the moment experiment Louboutin did years back. One of his assistant were painting her nails red when he picked up the bottle and decided to paint the sole of a pump bright red. To say "the rest is history" is an understatement. Twenty two years later the red sole has become an iconic symbol of desire, high fashion and ultra feminism. Read more about that in my previous post here. 
Christian Louboutin
This week the rest of the polishes were unveiled.  There are now 30 additional colors, in three ranges, The Noirs, The Nudes, and the Pops, each collection features ten polishes. My favorites from each of the collections are below. 

The Noirs - Lady Twist 
Louboutin the noirs

The Nudes - Alta Perla
Louboutin the nudes

The Pops  - Popi
Louboutin the pops

As if these stunning polishes were not enough Christian Louboutin also designed a shoe with a sweet kitschy pattern of a bold red manicure. Its become my must have shoe of the season. Now available for per-order.

So now the only question I have is, does anyone have an extra $200 lying around so I can pick up 4 bottles?? Each bottle is $57.00 which you could say is a bit more than a drug store brand. So would you splurge on a bottle for yourself?

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